• Accountability – We’re all tempted to push the limits. Make it a
    common practice in your home to verify who your child was really
    with, at what event, and when. We all need accountability. How
    many people would drive the speed limit if there wasn’t the threat
    of a ticket?
  • Unconditional Love without Fear – One of the most effective ways
    to keep your child safe is by having a relationship that welcomes
    honest dialogue without shame or fear of retribution. You would
    never want your child to be in danger, but feel too afraid of your
    response to call home for help!
  • Involvement without being Intrusive – This is huge. Do not
    press your child for information about the abuse except what is
    necessary. Your questions will often send messages that you did not
    intend. Also, do not press your child for information about what
    was discussed during a therapy session. She needs the freedom
    and power to decide who knows what and when as much as it is
  • Patience – be patient and allow disclosure to occur at his own pace.
  • Parental Self-Care – take good care of yourself! Your child naturally
    wants to protect you, so if it’s perceived that you are not ok, he/
    she will hide their own pain and needs.
  • Freedom from Adult Stress – manage your stressors including:
    finances, marital relationship, legal issues, etc., without your child
    being involved.
  • Respect for your child’s privacy
  • Low-Stress Environment – help your child find ways to minimize
    additional stressors and increase enjoyable activities.
  • Time – It usually takes years to heal from sexual abuse.
  • Loving comments – Research has shown it takes about 7 positive
    affirmations to erase a negative message.
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