Missing 15 years old girl Amber Alert

Elizabeth Thomas Kidnapped from Teacher

A Tennessee teen went missing early this week and authorities believe she’s with her 50-year-old former school teacher.

This story causes me to reflect on what easy prey I was as a teen when both a coach and a teacher made sexual advances towards me. I had no clue I was being groomed for anything. I thought and felt I was being offered the love I was missing at home. Over 90% of the women being sold in the streets were sexually abused previously before ever being preyed upon by a pimp.

After my own abuse, I can’t describe adequately the self-hate I felt. Having anyone show me an act of kindness felt like a warm, soothing salve being applied to dry, parched, cracked skin. I was starving for love and attention. How long has this teacher, Tad Williams, been smiling at her in class, acting as a father figure, as someone who just cared for her above the others. Has he said, you are special and I see something different in you. I’m sure he noticed her low self-esteem and her need to have someone just listen to what she has to say. Her eyes, like mine, were probably screaming, someone notice my pain!

Sadly, he noticed her pain, and now he has taken her!

The world needs safe people!! Where are they?

When Elizabeth is rescued, her self-esteem will be a billion times worse. Her ability to trust others will have drastically diminished. Her hope for a good future – lost.

Please pray for this precious child of God!

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Amber Alert Issued After 15-Year-Old Girl Runs Off With Her 50-Year-Old