How listening to an Inspirational Speaker helped me Heal

I had the privilege of hearing Tammy speak at the Out Of Darkness training conference in Warner Robins, GA on September 9, 2016. Tammy shared a portion of her life’s journey with us while speaking on the need to rid ones life of the lies of shame.
Shame began in the beginning – in the Garden of Eden and runs throughout the Bible, ending in Revelation.
Part of the message in the Good News is that Christ overcame shame when he went to the cross and now He is our covering.

I grew up with the understanding that shame and guilt went hand-in-hand and could not be separated. Guilt can lead to shame but so can regret, embarrassment, dishonor or disgrace according to Webster.  Sexual abuse is part of my childhood and teenage years but, my understanding was since I was not guilty there was no shame and all those thoughts and feelings that could not be identified were just pushed away. As Tammy shared her life and some of the thoughts and feelings in her struggles by herself and others, tears filled my eyes and rolled down my cheeks. She was saying words I had heard and felt.
Tammy helped me identify the shame I had been carrying around for decades. I thought my journey, my victory had been completed years ago when I was able to forgive, with the power of Jesus, one who had taken so much from me. God used Tammy to bring further healing to my life and I am deeply grateful.

Julie Hundley