what-now-coverWhat Now?’ is an amazing resource for parents and loved ones who have a child that has been sexually abused. No one is taught how to handle such a devastating event. Parents mean well and want to do the best for their child but don’t have the knowledge or the right tools for guidance.

This is why we have created a small, but valuable tool to help those parents who have to face such a reality. Our guide provides some necessary Do’s and Don’ts because sometimes the very thing that comes naturally is not the most helpful to an abuse survivor in the long run.

What Now?’ also includes helpful information on how to navigate the disclosure process as well as important information on the legal system.
This is a difficult and painful period for families, but having effective and supportive resources will aid immensely in the healing process.
Tammy Kennedy MS

“This Parent’s Guide is a MUST read! Written in down to earth language, it teaches parents how to talk to their child if they suspect abuse. In the unfortunate event abuse has occurred, this guide walks the parent through what to expect in the criminal process and how to help their child heal in order to move from victim to survivor.”
-Tennile Chapman, Victim Support Manager, Forsyth County Child Advocacy Center