Lil’ J Lost His Jam

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Lil’ J Lost His Jam is a therapeutic resource to help boys recover who have been molested.




Lil’ J Lost His Jam is a therapeutic resource to help boys recover who have been molested. Lil’ J’s story is a typical example of abuse, and illustrates the lies an abuser uses to manipulate his/her victims. The “Lie” chapters follow, and with guidance from DJ Rap-a-Lot and Jazzy Jazz, your boy will review the story in search for clues that will uncover the lies Lil’ J believes, discover the truth that will destroy the Lie Monsters, and find the rhyme once again. This book will give hope and professional instruction that will encourage and strengthen boys in the recovery process. This book is most effective in a therapeutic setting with a licensed therapist, but can be used by parents or safe adults with instruction.

Please consult a licensed counselor when beginning.

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  1. Nancy Roy, LPC

    Tammy uses her creative skill and experiential knowledge in describing one boy’s journey towards healing from sexual abuse. As we follow Lil’ J’s story, we can clearly see how the abuse damages his soul from which his musical talent springs. Through raps and engaging pictures, Tammy clearly illustrates Lil’ J’s struggle to reclaim the person he was meant to be. Although the subject matter is serious and distressing and often considered taboo, Tammy’s descriptions and solutions are tasteful and non-graphic. This book gives hope to those who have endured abuse and helps them understand that they are not alone. I recommend this book to therapists who are treating clients who have suffered abuse.

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